Lace Front Wigs Applied In Memphis

Lace front wigs have become quite popular. They are preferred because of their beauty and natural look when worn. It was given this name because of the Swiss or French-lace cap base that is usually applied to the base of the wig. Come down and see us to have lace front wigs applied right in Memphis. Here we've outlined the steps to follow:

Cut the lace

The first step to applying your lace front wigs in Memphis would be cutting the lace. This should be done carefully as the lace is a delicate material. To cut the lace, place a wig cap (should be the color of a human scalp to give a natural look) over your hair and position properly. Using an erasable material such as a liquid liner, mark where you want your wig to sit on your forehead. With this done, start cutting the excess lace around the wig (for beginners it is advisable to leave half an inch of lace around the wig to prevent over cutting). If the right color is used for your lace, you do not have to worry about the lace showing as it blends with the skin.

Place a scalp protector on your head

Before placing the scalp protector, it is important to prep the region around your hairline. Moisture or oil on your hairline can prevent the adhesive from sticking properly. It is important to keep your skin clean and dry for best results. With this done, you can now place a scalp protector around your head where the lace will be applied.

Apply the adhesive to your wig line

Glue adhesive

If you are to use glue adhesive for your wig, use a product that is safe and will not cause damage to the wig. Now, apply the glue to your wig line and allow to dry before placing the wig on your head. You can use Q-tips, disposable glue brush or makeup applicator to apply the glue.

Tape adhesive

For tape adhesive, it is advisable to use tape with strips as they are easier to manage. Apply the tape strips along the wig line. It is also not uncommon to use both tape and glue as adhesive for your wig. You can do this by applying the glue to the front and the tape to the back of the wig line.

Place the wig on your head

To do this, carefully place the wig on your head making sure that no stray hair touches the glue (you can use small clips to pull back the hair along the hairline). Then firmly press the lace into the adhesive until it is secure. After this is done, check if any of the lace is lifting up. If this is the case, add glue to the area using a Q tip and secure firmly. Then test the wig again for any lift ups.

Leave the wig and do not comb until after 24-48 hours so that the glue/tape adhesive dries up and stays firmly for a longer lasting wig.

For long lasting lace front wig in Memphis, ensure that you invest in quality hair. Human hair is great for wigs as they last longer and are easier to manage compared to synthetic hair. Also, use lace that matches all skin tones. Laces are available in various shades for different skin types- transparent, brown, light brown and dark brown. This way, customers are assured of getting one that suits their needs.